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It’s Time To Achieve PI Excellence In Your Medical Practice

Personal Injury Made Easy offers two unique services:
Personal Injury (PI) Billing Pros & the Business Advantage Program.

Both services help medical providers significantly increase their profits, minimize frustration, and change the way they look at the business of personal injury. When done right, personal injury should be the most lucrative part of your medical practice.

How We Help... You Choose

We do it for you

Let our Personal Injury Billing Pros handle your PI medical bill negotiations ( Lien and Letter of Protection). Outsource your matters to us; eliminate the stress of dealing with difficult attorneys, and start maximizing recoveries and transforming your PI practice.

We coach you to do it like a pro

Join our Business Advantage Program and join countless medical providers learning to improve processes, have better protections, higher profits, and accelerated growth in PI. Don’t let the weight of PI liens and LOPs hold you back any longer, let us teach you how to negotiate like a business pro.

Or do both!

Do both. Outsource the difficult law firms to our PI Billing Pros and by doing so, free yourself up to get the Business Advantage. Learn and apply what it takes to transform your practice.

We're Here to Help

Michael Coates,
Medical Lien Law Specialist and Negotiations Expert

Navigating personal injury claims is challenging—mastering them is even harder. It requires a unique blend of legal insight and negotiation skills, many of which aren't taught in medical school. It's a common challenge for medical providers, but fortunately, it has a reliable solution.

Like any specialized practice area, managing personal injury effectively is about applying the right strategies, in the right ways, at the right times. Attempting to manage without guidance is a recipe for frustration, but following the lead of someone who has already mastered it and can guide you is a recipe for success. I've been through it, I've succeeded, and I’d love to show you the way.

Common Obstacles to Succeeding in Personal Injury

Can you relate?


Feeling swamped by the complexities and demands of managing personal injury cases? We’re here to simplify and streamline the process for you with our Business Advantage Program membership.


Tired of delays and endless negotiations that lead nowhere? Our expert guidance helps cut through the red tape to help you secure your rightful payments, either outsourcing to Personal Injury Billing Pros or do-it-yourself with our Business Advantage Program membership, or do both!


Feeling outmatched by aggressive law firms and insurance companies? You will gain confidence and leverage over lawyers while having the option to outsource the worst law firms for us to handle.

Who We Help

True Stories from Medical Providers Just Like You

Michael Coates turns the often-powerless provider into a powerful healer and business negotiator in the PI world. With Michael’s knowledge of the law, his experience, and his passion for the provider, Personal Injury Made Easy provides the strategies and processes to allow you to successfully maneuver the personal injury world.

Kim Driggers

General Counsel, Florida Chiropractic Association

I was facing a business shutdown when I started working with Michael Coates. After applying the concepts in this book, the tables turned. I now receive 80 to 100 percent on practically all of my bills! Michael and his concepts saved my practice. In fact, my practice has transformed as I’ve now tripled my size!

Minh Tran

DC, Owner of NorCal Brain Center

For legal counsel and solutions in personal injury matters, Michael Coates is the go-to resource I rely on—and you should, too!

Samuel A. Collins,

DC, Director of Network and Seminars, HJ Ross Chiropractic & American Acupuncture Council

We were struggling to maximize our PI  accounts, averaging only 52% across our three offices. After implementing the strategies we learned,our average pay surged to an impressive 72% within one year. By the second year, it soared to around 80%. Not only did we see a substantial increase in revenue, with many of our liens exceeding $10,000 being paid in full, but we also witnessed a doubling of our gross revenues and a significant boost in net revenues.

Steve Tyssee,

DPT, Owner of Peak Orthopedic Physical Therapy

I have seen the underbelly of how some of the unethical law firms squeeze doctors and clients for their greedy gains. Before Personal Injury Made Easy came around, these law firms had all the power, and doctors did not know where to turn.  Michael has shed light for all medical providers, teaching us strong negotiating tactics backed by knowledge.

Emil Nardone

DC, Esq.

Are they an Analyst, Accommodator, or Assertive?

Knowing is a major factor in successful negotiations. Download the training tip “Knowing Your Law Firm Negotiation Counterpart,” one of the topics we cover in our Negotiations Aikido training workshop.