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Whether you are a single-provider practice or a multi-office corporation, you can navigate the Business of Personal Injury like a PRO. 

Drive up revenues, profits,
and fuel your growth.

What is the “Business” of Personal Injury?

Medical service providers are taught medicine and how to heal. Running a business is learned through experience, mentors, and hard knocks. You can avoid the hard knocks and get the mentorship, methods, tools, and resources to build a high-profit personal injury business. We help you make success easier and, over time, easy. 

Who Needs the “The Business” Advantage
in Personal Injury?

Owners & Doctors

As a healthcare provider and/or business owner, you understand treating patients and the nuances of running a business. Unfortunately, some segments of business are not taught in school, including "the business of personal injury." Learn the ins and outs of PI including what processes will fast-track you on the high-profit highway, how to be more valuable to good attorneys, and how to out-negotiate difficult ones. With the right coaching and training, you will have the personal injury business advantage, increasing net profits and fueling scalable and sustainable growth.

Managers & Staff

Improving employees' knowledge and skills will empower them to work harder, adding more value to your business. Additionally, training increases staff retention, improves productivity and efficiencies, increases your business bottom line, and frees up your time to focus on more patients.


Get a tailored program designed to meet your specific business goals and objectives, resulting in significant improvements to your PI patient-centric organization. Michael Coates and the Personal Injury Made Easy team work hand-and-hand with you and your team to develop the right program to accelerate your organization’s ability to navigate all the complexities involved in properly running a successful personal injury business.

Over the last decade, Michael Coates and the Personal Injury Made Easy team have helped hundreds of healthcare providers recover millions more in recoveries than they were offered on their own. Increased recoveries not only improved their business’ bottom line but also provided additional income to be able to invest and reinvest in both business and personal growth.

You know how to treat patients; we know the business of personal injury and how to help you move your business needle. If you want higher net profits, and for PI to be better, faster, and easier, let us guide you on your journey to a high-profit personal injury practice.

When you join, you get the “personal injury business advantage.” It’s even in our program name. Learn best practices from proven processes, to getting profitably paid, and how to achieve sustainable growth and scalability. This program is the difference-maker for hundreds of Chiropractors, Pain Specialists, Physical Therapists, Physicians, Imaging Centers, and other healthcare providers nationally.

Get the Personal Injury Business Advantage

Personal Injury Negotiations Aikido Virtual Training Workshop For Healthcare Providers

Your plan for building a high-profit power practice

Join PI Made Easy

Jump Start Your Success

Learn, Apply & Improve

Personal Injury Made Easy wants your practice to be far more profitable. You are a seasoned healthcare provider, not trained to fight attorneys who do battle for a living and leave you feeling stressed and frustrated after having your bills drastically reduced. We understand—our business is built on helping healthcare providers stop leaving money on the table. Learn to turn the tables, get the respect you’ve earned, increase your net profit, and grow your business. Personal injury should be highly profitable; learn how to make that happen. Join our Personal Injury Business Advantage program, helping hundreds of providers become personal injury business professionals. 

Quickly, the business personal injury will become easier and, over time, EASY!
That is what Personal Injury Made Easy is all about. It’s our name for a reason.


Before joining our program, a provider member was paid an average of only 52% on their PI accounts. After joining, their average pay jumped to 72% at the end of the first year, about 80% by the end of the second year, and a large number paid in full. That was double the gross revenues and a large multiple of the net revenues. Their relationships and new patient numbers also increased significantly. Now that’s a Business Advantage!

Another provider member had over 160 matters with a single law firm and was being paid only 20% of his bills. He was going to close his business if things didn’t change. After finding Michael, and being coached and supported, the provider turned the table completely around and was paid between 80% and 100% (full payment) on all the remaining matters. His practice was saved and since becoming a member, has expanded his business. Complete transformation from near despair and loss to excitement and huge success!

Become a Personal Injury Business Pro

Are they an Analyst, Accommodator, or Assertive?

Knowing is a major factor in successful negotiations. Download the training tip “Knowing Your Law Firm Negotiation Counterpart,” one of the topics we cover in our Negotiations Aikido training workshop.