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Who Needs the “The Business” Advantage
in Personal Injury?

Owners & Doctors

As a healthcare provider and/or business owner, you understand treating patients and the nuances of running a business. Unfortunately, some segments of business are not taught in school, including "the business of personal injury." Learn the ins and outs of PI including what processes will fast-track you on the high-profit highway, how to be more valuable to good attorneys, and how to out-negotiate difficult ones. With the right coaching and training, you will have the personal injury business advantage, increasing net profits and fueling scalable and sustainable growth.

Managers & Staff

Improving employees' knowledge and skills will empower them to work harder, adding more value to your business. Additionally, training increases staff retention, improves productivity and efficiencies, increases your business bottom line, and frees up your time to focus on more patients.


Get a tailored program designed to meet your specific business goals and objectives, resulting in significant improvements to your PI patient-centric organization. Michael Coates and the Personal Injury Made Easy team work hand-and-hand with you and your team to develop the right program to accelerate your organization’s ability to navigate all the complexities involved in properly running a successful personal injury business.

Maximizing your profits in personal injury is frustrating.
It doesn’t have to be. We can help…

Are you jeopardizing your patient’s personal injury case without knowing it?

Are you struggling to negotiate with difficult attorneys?

Are you tired of the steep reductions attorneys demand on your bills?

Are your rates reasonable, and do you have proper fee support?

Does your Lien or LOP properly protect you and your practice?

Are you doing PI right and attracting more business from the good attorneys?

Over the last decade, Michael Coates and the Personal Injury Made Easy team have helped hundreds of healthcare providers recover millions more in recoveries than they were offered on their own. Increased recoveries not only improved their business’ bottom line but also provided additional income to be able to invest and reinvest in both business and personal growth.

You know how to treat patients; we know the business of personal injury and how to help you move your business needle. If you want higher net profits, and for PI to be better, faster, and easier, let us guide you on your journey to a high-profit personal injury practice.

When you join, you get the “personal injury business advantage.” It’s even in our program name. Learn best practices from proven processes, to getting profitably paid, and how to achieve sustainable growth and scalability. This program is the difference-maker for hundreds of Chiropractors, Pain Specialists, Physical Therapists, Physicians, Imaging Centers, and other healthcare providers nationally.

Get the Personal Injury Business Advantage

Start your journey on the high-profit highway

Personal Injury Made Easy helps you get paid more on your current, outstanding, and future PI matters. Becoming a personal injury business pro is a journey. When you consistently improve case resolutions, yielding higher net profits, you have more revenues to invest in new staff, training, and business growth.

Learn how to put yourself in the best position when it is time to negotiate with the attorney by adopting and applying the foundational processes we teach. Processes start before patients walk in the office by having proper Lien or LOP protections, providing NSA compliant GFE’s, well-documented SOAP notes, follow-ups, billing processes, fee support, and more.

Learn how any medical provider, or key staffer, can out-negotiate those who negotiate for a living, including PI attorneys and their staff. Collect MedPay and PIP sooner and in full, out-maneuver patient attorneys, spot and stop red flags, set patient expectations, and turn the tables on attorneys and law firm staff to end unwarranted bill reductions. Learn and apply the lessons for both a return on your investment (‘ROI’) and, at the same time, getting a return on your relationships (‘ROR’) that matter the most. 

Learn how to achieve sustainable, profitable growth in your personal injury practice as well as in all your practice segments. It’s about creating and identifying your raving fans, the right marketing approach to patients and peers, and getting the good attorney gold. When you have the right processes in place and are being profitably paid, you are perfectly positioned for sustainable growth and scale.

We know how frustrating it is to work hard to improve your patients’ health only to wait for months and often years to be paid, and even then, have the attorney seek to pay you pennies on the dollar.

Get the Personal Injury Business Advantage by becoming a personal injury business pro now.

Your plan for building a high-profit power practice

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Jump Start Your Success

Learn, Apply & Improve

Personal Injury Made Easy wants your practice to be far more profitable. You are a seasoned healthcare provider, not trained to fight attorneys who do battle for a living and leave you feeling stressed and frustrated after having your bills drastically reduced. We understand—our business is built on helping healthcare providers stop leaving money on the table. Learn to turn the tables, get the respect you’ve earned, increase your net profit, and grow your business. Personal injury should be highly profitable; learn how to make that happen. Join our Personal Injury Business Advantage program, helping hundreds of providers become personal injury business professionals. 

Quickly, the business personal injury will become easier and, over time, EASY!
That is what Personal Injury Made Easy is all about. It’s our name for a reason.

Become a
Personal Injury Business Professional

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Join Personal Injury Made Easy’s Business Advantage Program

You are invited to join a Business Advantage Program level that meets the capabilities and needs of your unique office. Schedule a discovery call with one of our team members and together, let’s discuss what your specific goals are and where you are at on your journey to become a high profit practice. Our programs are designed to ensure the needs of any healthcare provider that accepts or wants to accept personal injury patients on lien or LOP are met, regardless of specialty and experience.

Get a Personalized Guided Tour

When you join, you get a one-on-one personalized guided tour reviewing the Advantage program and all the benefits including group coaching call schedule and recordings, online resources, tools and all educational content available to you. These member benefits are available at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This tour will provide you a better understanding of how to utilize this robust learning environment as you embark with us for a ride on the high-profit highway.

Let’s Establish Your Goals

Define the goals and objectives that are specific to you and your healthcare practice when you meet with Michael for a one-on-one. This call is critical to helping Personal Injury Made Easy better understand you, your practice and in return, can help you define and refine your goals, allowing us to direct you to the optimal content, tools, and resources available for you to focus on to fast-track wins.

Goals change. As you learn, apply, and improve, your goals are reassessed. This is one way our program is unique for our valued members. As business and personal goals change, we will pivot with you, giving you the personal injury business advantage with each new focus.

Jump on the JumpStarts

The high-profit highway has three key segments: proven processes, being profitably paid, and sustainable growth. While other programs hide the gold until you are often a year in, with our program, you get the keys while at the starting line. Our JumpStarts are designed to quickly accelerate you in all three segments, providing the principles of each segment of the high-profit practice formula. As you gain knowledge, traction, and confidence, you can expand and refine as you navigate both our program and the online resources. If one segment is needed more than another, our program is flexible so you can JumpStart that segment first.

Continue Learning, Applying, and Improving

Continuous learning fuels the knowledge you need to achieve a high-profit practice. Our Business Advantage Program has several self-study courses paramount for your professional, business, and personal development. These courses serve as a structured roadmap, and offer a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter; equipping our members with the essential information necessary to become a personal injury business professional.

Use the Tools and Resources

Utilizing our online Business Advantage Program tools and resources, along with our extensive library of webinars and trainings, will not only enhance your knowledge, but allow you to best apply that knowledge, making the entire process easier and your improvement faster.

Included is our proprietary Business Advantage toolkit with tools and templates to address some your needs immediately, more efficiently, and more effectively. These tools include our base contractual lien and LOP-related documents for patients and attorneys, templates for communicating with attorneys and patients, spreadsheets for collecting key data to use in decision-making, and other forms and tools to use to your business advantage.

When combined with ongoing coaching, these tools and resources become an integral part of your success.

Apply What You Learn

Learning you don’t know, what you don’t know, is powerful. And the real superpower is applying the newfound knowledge and using the tools to uplift your business and increase your net profits. Applying what you learn transforms theoretical understanding into practical skills and meaningful actions, ones that can then be reviewed, refined, and re-applied to achieve greater consistency and higher levels of success.

Our members start applying their newfound knowledge and skills in real-world situations, impacting their practice soon after joining. It is important to foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter, hone the skills needed, and have a strong grasp on the business of personal injury, what matters most, and why.

We believe strongly in our core value of adopt, adapt, and apply!

Get Coached and Mentored by Experts

Our coaching calls are a pivotal component of our program. As you learn, you will have questions. As you apply, you will have questions. As you are confronted with threats and opportunities, you will have questions. That’s exactly what our coaching calls are designed to address. Attending them not only gives you real time information and answers but reinforces the knowledge you are acquiring with our online courses.

These sessions provide a unique opportunity for direct interaction with Michael Coates and the Personal Injury Made Easy team, offering topic guidance, knowledge refinement, insights, strategies, and personalized feedback.

Coaching calls address topics on all three of the high-profit highway segments are taught and discussed. These calls are the best environment for members to ask questions, clarify doubts, seek advice tailored to their specific attorney and business challenges, and more. Members are encouraged to bring real-life examples to get immediate help. And as members are helped in a group setting, all learn.

Coaching calls also helps members stay committed and focused. They not just about acquiring knowledge; they are about collaborating, refining, leveling up knowledge and skill sets resulting in transformation. We not only coach healthcare business owners and providers, but also the key business staffer who often need this knowledge and skills the most. Leveling up skill levels of staff increases staff confidence, productivity, and retention, while reducing their stress and yours.

Continue to Improve

True, long-term success takes time and requires effort. Success is a journey, not a destination.

While you will improve quickly, mastery takes time. And we want you to succeed and continue to improve in all three areas: processes, profits, and growth, to be able to maximize the personal injury business advantages you will get as a member. That is why we continuously add new learning opportunities and augment and update existing information.

Grow your Business

Growth means different things to different people. You may want to hit a certain patient flow level. You may want to maximize a single office. You may want to expand into several offices. You may want to maximize the performance, results, and profits from all your offices. Your growth focus is also ours.

Growth in personal injury is generally presumed to be about more patients from more law firms and improved financial results. When you have the business advantage, you will absolutely be more valuable to the good attorneys, that is true. It is also true; you will increase net profits. However, you have more control than you realize over two other growth segments. We dive deep into the often-overlooked patients and peers. We help you recognize this to maximize growth with patients, peers and attorneys alike, and in return, see how the personal injury segment of your practice can fuel your other practice segments.

Growth should be sustainable and starts with putting in the right processes and systems in place (the first high-profit highway segment) and being profitably paid consistently (the second high-profit highway segment). Those first two segments are what sets you up to take advantage of the growth straightaway and accelerate you to your desired business success destination.

We guide our Business Advantage Members to hit growth marks in a way that is not just achievable but also sustainable.

Get the advantage! Stop giving up your profits; Start keeping what you earn!


Before joining our program, a provider member was paid an average of only 52% on their PI accounts. After joining, their average pay jumped to 72% at the end of the first year, about 80% by the end of the second year, and a large number paid in full. That was double the gross revenues and a large multiple of the net revenues. Their relationships and new patient numbers also increased significantly. Now that’s a Business Advantage!

Another provider member had over 160 matters with a single law firm and was being paid only 20% of his bills. He was going to close his business if things didn’t change. After finding Michael, and being coached and supported, the provider turned the table completely around and was paid between 80% and 100% (full payment) on all the remaining matters. His practice was saved and since becoming a member, has expanded his business. Complete transformation from near despair and loss to excitement and huge success!

Become a Personal Injury Business Pro