A Membership program for healthcare providers: owners, doctors, and staff

Frequently Asked Questions

What do WE DO?

We give medical offices and service providers in the personal injury space the business advantage. Our members learn how to be a value-driver for the good attorneys and how to out-negotiate the difficult ones.  Our focus is on three areas of what we call the high-profit highway that  is personal injury: the right processes, being profitably paid, and sustained growth.


What do YOU GET?

You get more profits and less stress in this high-profit yet high-stress personal injury environment.  You get the business advantages improved process, profits and growth, and ultimately, the destination of a high-profit practice. 


WHY do you call personal injury the HIGH-PROFIT HIGHWAY?

Because it is, and by a long shot. Personal injury pays at or near full out-of-network rates when you do this area right, far higher than cash and now even lower in-network health insurance payments, and without all the paperwork insurance requires or chasing patients or their financial ability to pay, which more than makes up for the extra time it takes to get paid with a PI patient.  Better yet, you have many business advantages that only PI provides. Here are just four: (1) PI is a new patient gateway for those new to your specialty or your business; (2) that new patient opportunity lets you educate them on your other practice areas as you train these term injury care patients; (3) the built-in medical collaboration and referrals that come from other provider specialties in the “lien network”; and (4) when you learn to avoid the wrongs and do things right in PI, you become the go to provider for the good attorneys who respect and pay your bill as you and your staff have earned.



Our formula for success is simple: processes, profits and growth. Those are the three segments that make up the high-profit highway. Each is a key part of the road. Processes is the beginning of the road trip and the first segment of the highway, having you prepared, positioned and protected with advantages already put in place.  Profits is the second and most challenging part of the road, which is where you find the obstacles of law firms and PI cases that are as unique as your patients, yet there are ways to gain the advantage to successfully navigate the obstacles and hazards you will encounter. Growth is the third and final segment, where you hit the straightaway with the pedal to the metal as you grow your practice with patients, peers and good attorneys.  Mastering these three segments of the road: process, profits, and growth – will have you gaining the advantage which turns business that are merely surviving into one that is thriving.


HOW DO YOU HELP us get to a High-Profit Practice?

We educate, train and coach not on the treatment of your patients but on the business of medical office management in this unique space we call the high-profit highway. Our Business Advantage Program members get exclusive access to the knowledge, methods, strategies, tactics and tools that make the difference and that are unmatched in the country.  No one is like us. And you get coached, guided and supported by Michael Coates, the top lien and LOP negotiator in the country, and the entire Personal Injury Made Easy team.  Our entire focus is on your success as a small business owner.  We have an online portal with courses, trainings, resources and tools, as well as weekly live coaching where each session is recorded. Everything is accessible 24/7 based upon your time availability.


HOW CAN WE WIN against Personal Injury Attorneys who Fight for a living?

By learning, applying and over time mastering Negotiations Aikido and the DISRUPTIVE Method. Because great negotiators are made, not born.  And this method quickly gives you leverage over lawyers, both to profit better while growing relationships with the good attorneys, and out-negotiating the difficult ones and their often aggressive law firm staff.  Aikido as a martial arts is unique, using the energy and actions of the opponent to against them both offensively and defensively. It’s perfect for healers (you) battling against warriors (them).  You learn the DISRUPTIVE Method that applies Negotiations Aikido giving you the advantage.  Think of the DISRUPTIVE method as a set of dominos.  Once put in place, success is inevitable like a set of dominos set in motion once aligned correctly. Anyone can learn this method. You’ve earned the right to be properly paid, and this method gets it done.  And you have the originator of this method and the top negotiations expert in the country as your Negotiations Aikido Master: Michael Coates.


WHO can become a Business Advantage Member?

Anyone medical office or service provider in the personal injury space can join. We have a membership level that works whatever is your situation. Our program is not just for the doctor, provider or owner. It is also for the office manager and back office staff person who oversees the business and practice management or serves as point with the law firms.



If you have a large amount of outstanding PI patient accounts that are unpaid, you can profit in an incredibly significant way fast with our program.  In fact, if you don’t join you will literally be leaving a ton of money on the table that should be in your pocket.  Even if you have small or mid-sized personal injury segment, our program is perfect for you because every dollar matters and you can grow this segment which should be your most profitable when done right, as well as how your PI segment can feed your other practice segments.



Then you are perfect for our Program also. You can start from the beginning doing this right.  It all starts with having the right processes in place.  Those processes can position and protect you best when it does come time to be paid in PI. You can also get the business growth advantages our program offers to build your PI segment and how your PI segment can help feed your other practice segments.


Do you have any SUCCESS EXAMPLES?

One member was getting 52% on average pay on all their PI bills prior to joining.  By the end of the first year in the program, they were at 72% and by the end of the second year about 80% — more than doubling their GROSS revenues and a much larger multiple of their net revenues.  At the same time, they grew their new PI patients base which also fed their other practice segments.


What are the OPTIONS to get the Personal Injury Business Advantage?

You can join our Business Advantage Program and how to become a Business Advantage Pro at https://pimadeeasy.com/membership.

You can sign up and attend our Negotiations Aikido Training Workshops at https://NegotiationsAikido.com

You can learn more about Personal Injury Made Easy at www.PIMadeEasy.com


Are they an Analyst, Accommodator, or Assertive?

Knowing is a major factor in successful negotiations. Download the training tip “Knowing Your Law Firm Negotiation Counterpart,” one of the topics we cover in our Negotiations Aikido training workshop.