Our Collective Brainpower

Our Mission is You

It started with a plea from a frustrated Southern California chiropractor for help resolving PI patient matters with five attorneys. Michael Coates’ successful recoveries in those cases sparked the idea behind PI Made Easy and launched a nationwide effort to fix a broken PI industry.

PI Made Easy’s educational content, online programming, and mentoring and training programs don’t happen by themselves. It takes a dedicated team of seasoned professionals – e-commerce, marketing, web and graphic design, project management, and content development – to create the programs and resources providers like you need to do business better in PI.

T.E.A.M matters:

Meet the team whose mission is your success.

Our Disruptive Transformation
Company Culture

Shown in our Core Values

Community = T.E.A.M … because together
everyone can achieve miracles.

Lead the Disruption … to transform ourselves,
our members and an industry.

Adopt and Adapt … to succeed faster and fly higher.

Integrity Counts … so we do what’s right, not what’s convenient.

Members Matter Most … to always deliver what members need and want.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals … our goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound.

Building a World that Learns & Applies … knowledge is power, but execution is the key.

Double Down … when we find what’s working.

Are they an Analyst, Accommodator, or Assertive?

Knowing is a major factor in successful negotiations. Download the training tip “Knowing Your Law Firm Negotiation Counterpart,” one of the topics we cover in our Negotiations Aikido training workshop.