Episode 26: Stop Procrastinating with Purposeful Inertia through Baby Steps

Procrastination is delaying or avoiding something.

Look, I’m the ultimate procrastinator. 

It’s one of my super powers.

Okay, so it’s really my Super Sabotager

All my life I have had to battle procrastination.

One solution I found comes from physics and the concept of inertia.

Inertia is an object in motion and because it’s moving, it has a much greater ability to change direction and adjust to conditions.

When you stand still it’s so much harder, and it takes a lot more effort and energy to get moving.
That’s why once you are moving forward, it is just so much easier to continue.

So it’s really about getting started.

Getting yourself in motion and using the physics of inertia to your advantage.

Once you do, you will find it easier to continue and get done whatever you are avoiding.

How can we generate inertia? Two ways: action and mindset

For action, break the avoided task into steps.

Only think about and focus on that first simple and short baby step.

What I find, when I finish that first baby step, without realizing it, I already commenced the next step.

Before I realize it, I finished it all, or if I came back to it later it’s easier to get back in the inertia rhythm.

For mindset, follow the concept of purposeful inertia!

The mindset that one baby step gets you moving and physics will take over to overcome your self-sabotage.

Combine a purposeful inertia mindset with a baby step action plan, you will beat procrastination.

And you get stuff that matters done.

So stop procrastination with purposeful inertia through baby steps.

You will win every time … well almost!

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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