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Are you seeking to start, improve and grow your personal injury segment?  Look no further!

Whether you’re new to personal injury, reconsidering it, or looking to improve your current personal injury business, PI Made Easy can help. Don’t let misconceptions about personal injury hold you back. Designed to make business better, faster, and easier; our proven, process, profit, and growth strategies can quickly make personal injury the most profitable segment of your practice.

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PI Made Easy understands your pain in dealing with attorneys who negotiate for a living. Our coaching and training program teaches you critical negotiation techniques, key business processes, patient management, and growth strategies to take your practice from good to great. We’ve helped providers like you recover millions in fees they rightly deserve.

As a Power Practice Member, you’ll meet with Michael Coates and set personal practice goals. In addition, you will have access to our tools, virtual intensives, implementation labs, boot camps, online management courses, advanced practice resources, monthly staff training, PI Power Hour forums, and more. We’ll provide the coaching, best practices, tools, and resources to supercharge your business.

The Power Practice Formula for Success

  1. The Right Processes – You’ll learn the right way to structure and manage your PI business. Our systems, procedures, and tools ensure you get paid fairly by the attorneys you trust and those seeking to lowball and slash your medical bills.
  2. The Right Profit Strategy – Making certain you have the contractual agreements you need to get profitably paid is what keeps your practice going, and your staff paid. Combined with smart negotiation techniques and support, you’ll avoid mistakes that cost you money.
  3. The Right Way to Grow Your Practice – You’ll learn how to accelerate business development, tap into new revenue streams and profitably grow your business to make your business goals and personal dreams come true.

Join the ranks of satisfied members who have transformed their practice with PI Made Easy.

Dr. John Smith posted on our Facebook Insiders group, “I highly recommend this program. If you are not a member yet, what are you waiting for? The method taught by Michael, and the coaching has turned my approach to settlements around and has increased the income in our office many times over. Using the methods taught, I just reached a settlement that was hugely satisfying, which I can safely say, would not have had the same outcome prior to my membership.”

Sherri Deluca, Marketing Manager“I just wanted to share that I used the strategy of complimenting and showing appreciation to the lien negotiator in the case I was just telling you about, but remained firm that our bill was justified. I emailed him with an offer of a 20% reduction based on the fact that they referred the patient to us and because of “his quick and efficient handling of the case”. He already replied back with his acceptance! That is a huge win considering where we started out. Thank you so much for all the help!”

You can read more testimonials here.

How much more can your practice make?

Our goal is to help you do business better, faster, and easier while increasing revenue and profits. Our PI Calculator demonstrates how much more revenue your practice can generate, whether by acquiring personal injury patients or by adopting our established formula for success. Even a small practice using the right PI knowledge and tools can improve their bottom line well beyond the cost of our program. Click here to try it out.

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Here's what you'll get as a Power Practice member:

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One-on-one goal setting and coaching with PI Made Easy Founder Michael Coates

Meet with Michael Coates to establish priority objectives for yourself and your practice. Our coaching program is customized to cater to the specific needs of each member, addressing their areas of concern as well as areas for improvement.

Strategic PI case management and negotiations training

It’s important to handle Personal Injury cases with proper procedures in place. From initial intake to negotiating settlements, you will learn the steps needed to ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Advanced practice and case management resources

The PIME proprietary toolkit, combined with supplementary tools and resources, can assist you in getting started and making progress towards your goals. This comprehensive toolkit includes a lien agreement and LOP, tracking spreadsheets, and letter templates to facilitate your communication with attorneys. By utilizing this unique toolkit, you can accelerate your progress towards achieving greater success in the realm of PI.

Financial tools and compliance courses, including the No Surprises Act

Learning how to support your fees and protect your bills is critical to your financial success.  And, with the Federally mandated No Surprises Act, this is more important than ever.  Learn to comply now and mitigate your risk.

Monthly provider & staff member training

Join our monthly coaching sessions with Michael to improve your business. Gain valuable insights on processes, profits, and growth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for continuous improvement.

Monthly Ask Mike Anything calls

Join our monthly small group calls to tackle current issues in your practice, such as dealing with difficult attorneys or facing new and unique challenges. These calls offer a valuable opportunity to gain clarity and learn from both Michael and your peers. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back – sign up today.

Monthly PI Power Hour roundtables

Every month, Michael invites a guest expert to share valuable insights and information that can benefit you and your practices. The topics covered are diverse, ranging from billing and coding, staff embezzlement, marketing and growth, to AI. By learning from the best in the industry, you can adopt and adapt to stay ahead.

PI Made Easy Insiders Facebook group

Having a place to post questions to Michael, guest moderators, and peers is what this is all about.  Having a place to A.S.K. (always seeking knowledge) is important, and this growing FB group offers just that.

Virtual intensives, implementation labs and boot camps

At PIME, we consistently provide fresh learning opportunities to our members, medical provider community, and staff to foster growth. All programs and VIP upgrades are included in our membership. 

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Are they an Analyst, Accommodator, or Assertive?

Knowing is a major factor in successful negotiations. Download the training tip “Knowing Your Law Firm Negotiation Counterpart,” one of the topics we cover in our Negotiations Aikido training workshop.