Imagine a Future Where...

  • Good attorneys choosing you over your peers
  • Leverage over the difficult attorneys
  • More effective and efficient staff
  • PI bills paid fully or mostly
  • Loyal patients turned into raving fans
  • A million dollar+ business

Imagine no more.

Invest one hour in your success. Can you afford not to?


staff stress


your legal rights


patient outcomes


profit & patient volume

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In the last 10 years, Michael Coates has Helped Providers Recover Millions in Bill Payments

Now he is sharing what he’s learned with you.


Michael is on a mission to champion the PI rights of chiropractors and other healthcare providers.


Why? Because HEROES like you deserve more.

More transparency. More Pay. More respect.

Thanks to PI Made Easy, I’ve gone from a 20%-30% payout on my bills to 80%-100% on almost every one. I’ve already gotten back over $400,000 – with more coming in all the time.
Dr. Minh Tran, DC, DACNB
Medical providers who don’t know about PI Made Easy are losing thousands of dollars in fees every day. I’ve collected thousands in previously unpaid bills – and without the headaches.
Dr. James Keppler, DC
On average, we’ve recovered 70% on just the liens we’d given up on and expected to receive nothing. Thank you, Michael and PI Made Easy!
Dr. Ryan Kauffman, DC

The 3 Things You MUST Master To Succeed in Personal Injury.

Step 1: Process

Start strong with streamlined intake, a bulletproof lien agreement, and proper PI healthcare management.

Step 2: Profits

Are you getting paid 100% of your bills at least 80% of the time? If not, we’ll help you get paid what you deserve. 

Step 3: Growth

It’s not revenue you generate that counts. It’s how much you take home at the end of the day. Learn the right way to measure profitability and how to set up your business to scale.

There IS a formula to success!

And it begins with this free 1-hour Masterclass.