You're about to be hit by the
No Surprises Act.

You're about to be hit
by the No Surprises Act.

Previously Recorded – 4 Hour Educational Webinar


Willing to risk it all?

Ignoring the NSA could wipe out your business.

Virtually every medical provider must comply with its strict mandates. Or risk huge fines and equally large financial losses.

  • Government fines of up to $10,000
  • Patient disputes that can eliminate entire bills
  • Misuse and abuse of the law by some patients and attorneys

That’s on top of new administrative burdens for your staff.  And government regulators questioning the medical necessity driving your treatment.

Yes, the NSA applies to you. And time’s running out to learn how.

Watch, listen and learn

Why the NSA matters to you.

Starting January 2023, the No Surprises Act gets real with new fines, new requirements – and new risks. Defend yourself and your practice.  Sign up now for our 4-hour online intensive training from the nation’s top NSA experts.

Discover the NSA's Silver Lining

Complying with the law – the right way – can be a powerful tool for growth.

  • Earlier personal injury case settlement and bill payments in more low policy limit matters

  • Improved diagnostic skills and documentation

  • A new patient habit of “term care plans” for later wellness care

  • Higher medical practice valuations for exit

Learn the secrets others are missing.

Would you spend 4 hours to save tens of thousands of dollars?

At the No Surprises Bootcamp, that's exactly what you'll do.

Some of the nation’s leading experts will teach
you and your staff:

  • About the NSA notices you must publicly disclose
  • How to ensure full compliance and the penalties you’ll face if you’re not
  • What you must do every time a patient calls
  • The simple wording your lien agreement needs to protect your business

Violating the NSA can be painful and expensive. But there's a smarter way. We’ll show you how.


Michael L. Coates

An attorney with more than 30 years of experience, Michael is the nation’s #1 in-demand expert on the No Surprises Act. After being invited to speak at professional conferences across the country, he’s ready to go in-depth on the law that’s filled with so much risk for providers. His deep dive will include how to take advantage of the NSA’s silver lining – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build long-term growth.

Miles Bodzin

Dr. Miles Bodzin

Dr. Bodzin, owner of Cash Practice, will join Michael to go over an easy software solution for NSA-mandated Good Faith Estimates. They’ll explain how it eases the burden on you and your staff – and at the same time sets the table for the NSA business growth advantage Michael will be laying out.

Dr. Andrew Morris

Dr. Morris, owner of Acclaim Recovery Management, and Michael will discuss how the NSA is being used in PI litigation, the likely expanded threats to provider bills even in areas of MedPay and PIP, along with the heightened scrutiny on tying in diagnostics with treatment with the supporting documentation or run the risk of NSA bill reviews knocking out other parts of your treatment.

Alan Nesbit

As a litigator, Alan has developed a legal niche pursuing attorneys who have rejected reasonable lien settlement efforts. His clients have used his extensive experience to successfully respond to interpleaders and file civil actions supporting their settlement claims.


Overview & Origin 

The NSA has two key objectives. (One is obvious, but the other isn’t.) Understanding them both will help you better manage your NSA compliance.

Oversight, Issues & Help

We'll explain which agencies oversee the law's implementation, examine the early pushback from the medical community, and discuss the resources available to help medical providers and their staff.

Spirit & Intent

Discover the NSA's two key objectives.  One is obvious.  The other not so much.  Keeping both in mind will help you better understand and navigate the compliance landscape. 

Application & Compliance

We'll get to the heart of NSA compliance: which medical providers and patients it affects, new forms and processes, including good faith estimates, and how you can avoid potentially costly missteps.


Failing to understand the nuances of the NSA can cost you. If you and your staff don’t establish the right processes and procedures early on, it will.

Enforcement, Disputes & Misuse

Government fines for noncompliance are only the start. A new patient-provider dispute resolution process can wipe out much if not all of your bills. You’ll learn to spot and stop the ways some patients and personal injury attorneys can use the NSA against you.

Potential Advantage

Transparency offers advantages for your practice. If you’re a chiropractor, physical therapist or acupuncturist, we’ll teach you how to turn them into your greatest marketing advantage.


Yes, there's a lot to digest, and this review will put it all together for you. You and your staff will be far ahead of most of your peers, not only in avoiding the financial pitfalls of noncompliance but in maximizing the business potential the law represents.


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