PI Power Hour webinars are for all medical service providers and staff with an interest in improving and growing the personal injury segment of their business.

Webinar Topic:
How to NOT “Step in It” – Legal Compliance for Small Medical Offices and Their PI Segments

October 19, 2021  4:00pm - 5:30pm PDT

This is part two of a special two-part PI Power Hour featuring Harry Nelson, nationally renowned healthcare attorney.
Join Michael Coates, president of PIMadeEasy.com, and premier healthcare attorney Harry Nelson for a special two-part PI Power Hour focusing on the legal, business and healthcare issues affecting small medical practices and their PI segments.
Here are just some of the vital topics Michael and Harry will discuss:
  • Potential kick-back violations when accepting multiple new patients from intermediaries
  • The fee-sharing problems that arise by improperly adding multi-disciplinary services, such as massage or acupuncture, to your practice
  • The benefits and risks of adding an outpatient surgery center to your chiropractic practice
  • An update on HIPAA and patient privacy rules, where they’re headed, and the serious mistakes providers are making with compliance
  • How to eliminate or reduce the marketing risks of growing your practice
  • The pros and cons of using third-party companies to offer your own flexible payment options
  • How to avoid medical billing fraud or state licensing board audits when using cash discounts
  • The future of small medical practices, particularly those specializing in chiropractic and pain management
  • America’s opioid crisis and how small medical practices can help address it
We invite and encourage everyone who attends the webinar to use Zooms Q&A feature during the webinar to ask questions. 
About Michael Coates, Esq
PIMadeEasy, President
Since 2012, Michael Coates has been on a mission to champion the rights of Medical Providers who accept patients on lien in Personal Injury matters. As Founder and President of Medical Lien Recovery (MLR) and PIMadeEasy, he believes Providers face an unfair dynamic in PI matters that must change. Through in-depth education, continuous support and devoted advocacy, PIME supplies the knowledge, tools and services that change the dynamic, reduce the stress, and improve the bottom line of Providers. His popular presentation showcases his innovative win-win-win approach for the attorney, patient, and the Provider. Michael L. Coates is a duly licensed California attorney and businessman.
About Harry Nelson, Esq
Nelson Hardiman, Co-Founder
Harry Nelson is the co-founder and managing partner of Los Angeles-based Nelson Hardiman, the country’s premier healthcare specialty law firm, and a co-founder of five health care-related start-ups. A highly-respected leader in healthcare law and business, he has unique expertise in healthcare transformation, innovation, and the cutting-edge issues affecting the future of the health care industry. His insights have driven many next-generation healthcare initiatives, including telehealth and digital and behavioral health. Harry is the best-selling author of “The United States of Opioids: Liberating a Nation in Pain” and “From Obamacare to Trumpcare,” a survey of healthcare policy leading up to the Affordable Care Act and a forecast for the U.S. healthcare sector.

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