Coaching and training that takes a medical practice from good to GREAT.

Coaching and training that takes a medical practice from good to GREAT.


You used to do personal injury.
And you have the scars to prove it.

If your track record with PI had more downs than ups, you’ve likely been…

  • Devastated by unfair PI settlements and insurance write-downs
  • Abused by PI attorneys and insurance adjusters who chip away at your bills
  • Strangled with cash flow that was strangled from medical and PI legal disputes

It’s time for a new game plan.

Personal injury could and should be the most profitable segment of your medical
practice. But you’ll need the right strategies, tools, coaching, and support to restart your PI
segment. That’s where we come in!

PI Made Easy teaches you how to do business better in PI, and how to catch up on
the financial success you’ve been missing.

We’ll help you:

  • Adopt the right contractual and legal protections so you can get paid 70% to 100% of your bill most of the time — even by difficult attorneys
  • Apply the best practices and systems that will optimize your PI processes
  • Grow your PI segment while avoiding the pitfalls of new compliance regulations like the
    No Surprises Act (NSA)

It’s time to do PI again. Here’s where to start:

  1. Complete our PI Business Survey. Your responses will remain confidential, and we won’t share them with any third party.
  2. Schedule a call with a PI Made Easy advisor to learn more about our coaching program. 
Are they an Analyst, Accommodator, or Assertive?

Knowing is a major factor in successful negotiations. Download the training tip “Knowing Your Law Firm Negotiation Counterpart,” one of the topics we cover in our Negotiations Aikido training workshop.