Episode 16: Geek Out! Be You! To Be YOU!

The most important thing is being the authentic you.

Secretly, I think most of us think of ourselves as Geeks.

I always identified with the movie Revenge of the Nerds even though I was an athlete.

Because really, I was (and am) a Nerd.

Maybe you are like me and live for Start Trek reruns nightly or watch all of three Lord of the Rings movies for the 20th time.

Or you tell a lot of bad Dad Jokes which my kids constantly point out.

Star Trek Geek, LOTR Geek, and Dad Joke Geek.

That’s me.

Maybe you are like my son, Mickey, who just loves egaming.

He’s an Esports Geek.

Maybe you are like my daughter, Kayla, a throw back hippie who loves to love every human, animal, bug, and bush on the planet.

She’s a Hippie Geek.

Or you are like my dear friend, Dan, who tries every tech that comes out, researches it, and dives deep.

He’s a Tech Geek.

And okay. Let’s admit it. I LOVE human concepts, like Margin, Law of Attraction, anything Malcolm Gladwell, and teaching others about it.

I love to give advice and help others.

It gives me passion and purpose.

Yes, I’m also a Coach and Mentor Geek.

Whether Mickey, Kayla, Dan, or I, as we Geek out,

we are spreading true Joy, true Passion.

We FEEL these things. We GEEK over them!

Here’s the real beauty of all of this.

When you share your Geekiness, you are sharing the authentic, real you!

And YOU matter.

Everything about YOU matters!

So what is YOUR Geekiness?

Come on … I KNOW you have it.

What is that odd thing you just love and it literally excites you?

My challenge to you this week:

Embrace your Inner Geek.

Do one more thing: Help others Geek Out Too!

Spread the Geekdom!

In the end, what really matters is you, being you.

So don’t hide being a Geek!

Geek out! Share YOU!  And you will be YOU!

Live the life you love and love the life you live.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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