Episode 17: Slow Down to Speed Up

Man, is this world going fast.

Business and life getting so much busier aren’t they?

It makes us feel like we have to go faster, and faster, and faster to stay ahead of it.

What happens is, yes, we get busy … being busy.

We can feel like the hamster on the hamster wheel, our legs going fast but we are just circling things.

So will going faster and faster solve things?  NO!

What’s the solution? Simple: to go faster, sometimes we have to slow … it … down.

What we need to focus on is effectiveness.

Effectiveness is achieved mostly by people, priorities, and processes.

Today, I’m going to focus on the first two: people and priorities.

For people, it’s the right person in the right seat.

Are YOU that person for that task you are doing?

Or should you be delegating that task to another?

For priorities, not everything is weighed the same.

Pareto’s Principal, or the 80/20 rule, is a concept about how

20% of our input gives rise to 80% of our output.

Not everything is weighed the same.

The smart ones learn which 20% gives rise to most of our results.

Then they pour 80% of time, money, and resources into those things.

THAT’s how you go faster.

And it isn’t just in business.  It’s also in life.

Think about all the emails.  Think about who we call “friends”.

Not all are the same.

Not all are the same priority if you really think about it.

So it’s the right person in the right seat, yes, but doing the right thing!

And you have determined that thing is the right priority.

Only then can you speed back up.

But THIS time, when you do, its with Effectiveness.

You are off the hamster wheel detour.

And speeding down the road to success.

Add in processes and you can really turbocharge it (for another 2MMM)

Just realize you go FASTER NOT by speeding up, but by slowing … it … down.

Focus on people and priorities, and when you can, add in systems.

The person that says “I have no time to plan I’m too busy!”

Is the person who needs it the most.

They are the ones on the hamster wheel.

Don’t be the hamster!

Slow down to speed up!

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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