Episode 18: Dish Out WOW to Create Raving Fans

Online advocates are modern day influencers.  Think of the speed and power of social media as they shout love or hate.

You notice few people give 3 star reviews. It’s usually 1-2s or 4-5s.  Any patient or any customer can affect your brand quickly.  If they love you they will shout about it. If they hate you they will shout it too now.

As Brittany Hodak says in her book, Creating Super Fans, apathetic customers are far worse than angry ones.
Why? Because angry ones will give you useful feedback and even a chance to turn that customer around.
The apathetic remain silent, and by the time you learn it’s too late.  They just don’t care, and that apathy will later turn to disdain.

We are living in an experience economy. We are living in an economy of options. So when you dominate the patient or customer experience you remove alternative options.

People don’t want to go elsewhere.
They only want you.
And they don’t even care about price!

And what happens if you don’t provide?
They quickly go to the next option … without a struggle.

So How DO you deliver the ULTIMATE patient and customer experience?
You WOW them. You DISH OUT Wow like my grandma, Noni, dished out loving food portion after portion.
You keep dishing it out, again and again, at every stage, with every staffer.

Because you Dished Out Wow, your patients and customers return over and over and over again.
Even better, they tell everyone they know. 
You just created raving fans shouting out to everyone about you, by dishing out Wow

Here’s something important to remember.
You can’t buy wow.
You can only create it.
Is wow being delivered at the receptionist as they sign in?
Is wow being delivered when they set the appointment?
Is wow being delivered as they are shown to the treatment room?
Is wow being delivered as they are treated?
Is wow being delivered when they are paying?
Is wow being delivered in a post visit follow up?

Dish out WOW to Create Raving Fans and to Dominate the Patient and Customer Experience.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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