Episode 19: The Six Keys to High Performing Teams Are…

The 6 Keys to High Performing Teams are …

Ahhh … so I have your attention on this Labor Day.

For Labor Day we celebrate the hard work so many do.

What we really want to celebrate is that hard work results in huge success.

And that success being wins for them, leading to wins for the business.

Great teams are high performing teams.

The Dreamwork is in the Teamwork!

Here are 6 keys to creating it

First, hire and assign right:

Hiring and assigning the right person to the right seat in your practice is key. 

That’s not as easy as it sounds. 

Everyone is better at some things and worse at others.

Put them where their strengths lie.

You will have a happier and more effective team.

The second is positional redundancy:

People get sick, leave, or disappoint.

Positional redundancy is training two at each main duty.

Each team member has a primary duty and a secondary duty where they shadow and pinch hit. 

That way, someone is ready and able to get it done even when key people are gone.

The third is to guide and support your team (not micromanage them):

Set a clear and simple vision for the mission.

That sets the tone and the table.

Then delegate and guide.

Stop micromanaging. 

Let your team run and do what you hired them to do.

Hopefully they are better than you at that task.

Fourth, remove the obstacles:

Whatever is getting in your staff’s way, remove it.

Only by removing what’s getting in the way, can your team fly higher, farther and faster.

That’s your job as the owner or office manager: clear the way for them to do their job.

Fifth, conduct team reviews- celebrate and embrace mistakes:

As a team, celebrating wins and losses, individually and as a team.

Wait, did you hear me say celebrate losses?

The reality of life is we learn most from the things we did wrong.

Embracing mistakes and your team will feel safe to take risks.

And we can’t learn lessons and make leaps without taking risks. 

And celebrate everyone both as unique individuals and as a cohesive team.

Sixth and finally, master the imbalance:

People talk about a balanced life.

That’s a myth!

Life is in balance only a moment at a time.

Because priorities change as life happens.

Work, the kids, the spouse ..

Opportunities, threats and emergencies.

Life is never stable. 

Not for you, not your patients and customers, and not for your team.

So the sooner you embrace and master how your AND their life is in a state of constant imbalance,

the sooner you will lower your stress and panic in your business and your life.

So remember the 6 keys to great teams.

  1. Hire and assign right
  2. Put in place positional redundancy
  3. Guide and support your team and don’t micromanage them
  4. Remove obstacles from your team
  5. Review things, celebrate and embrace mistakes
  6. And finally, master the imbalance that is the everyday reality of business and life.

Remembering Dreamwork is in the Teamwork

Help and Celebrate Labor on this Labor Day!

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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