Episode 24: Your Team Craves Coaching

A recent survey by Adobe of Gen Zers revealed they are HUNGRY for mentorship and development.

GenZ are those born between 1997 and  2012, so your 26 year old and under workforce.

Here are two stats from the survey:

First, 83% said a mentor is crucial for their career, but only half reported having one.  

            And I bet in most of your businesses they have no true coach or mentor.

This component is more important than pay to them. 

They are more interested in developing hard skills but are finding they aren’t given the time to do it either.

Free them up!

Second, 28% said their current role does not use their skills at their full potential

They are feeling underappreciated!

            Are you the owners and office managers listening?

            Or would you prefer to spend all that time hoping you can find even a serviceable replacement?

            How much would that cost you?

So how do you satisfy this GenZ hunger?

Show them appreciation and fuel their fire!

By freeing them up for skill development training and coaching.

By getting them access to programs and coaches that level up their skill areas

What’s the result?

They’re better.

They’re more confident.

They’re happier.

And they stay.

So as you evaluate programs, see if they have a staff skill development segment.

If not, I suggest you keep looking.

If they do, that just might be the ticket for you and your team.

That’s why I have such a staff focus in my own Coaching Program for medical offices in the Personal Injury space.

I have always had a focused coaching session that only staff can attend.  Doctors are NOT allowed!

Staff needs to be heard.

Staff needs to be appreciated.

Staff needs skill development and coaching.

Do that for YOUR own team.

Find the right program. Use someone!

You will smile all the way to a happier team and a more profitable business.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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