Episode 28: Collaboration is the Key and the Perfect Symphony

If you give, you get.

And in no way does that come to light more than when you collaborate with others.

Collaboration is defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

My own definition is a bit different.

To me, collaboration is the action of working with someone to raise each other up in business or in life.

Collaboration is how you elevate yourself and each other.

You have to be in it for them.

You have to focus on the benefit for them.

If you give, you will eventually get.

Collaboration should be occurring in all your important PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS.

Imagine raising the other person higher as your main goal each day.

Collaboration should be occurring in all aspects of your BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS.

Imagine raising your staff, patients, vendors, associations and fellow professionals each day.

In the process, you will find as you raise them up, YOU get elevated beyond heights you could have imagined.

A great example is something I saw on 60 minutes and have watched many times since.

It’s the collaboration between the singers, Ed Sheeran, the British rock and folk singer, and Andrea Bocelli, the Italian opera singer.

Huh? Rock and opera? English and Italian?

There is a video called The Perfect Symphony, that is all about their musical collaboration.

I’m going to give you that link. Watch it.

Pay attention to how they give help to each other.

Pay attention to how they work together.

Pay attention to Sheeran’s facial expressions and ode to the master Bocelli.

Because of a collaborative mindset, they created a Perfect Symphony in one of Sheeran’s songs.

Done in English, and Italian, individually and together.

I cry every time I watch and listen, because I am so moved by this collaborative mastery.

My challenge to you this week:

Watch the video more than once.
Really pick apart the various collaborative elements and expressions.

Now find one place — in business or life — where YOU can collaborate with someone you respect greatly.

Focusing on raising each other up.

Create an opportunity or experience with each other, or both.

And as you do, focus on raising that other person to a higher level.

In the process, YOU will get elevated beyond heights you could have imagined.

Collaboration is the Key, and, the Perfect Symphony — for business and life.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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