Episode 31: The Great Networker’s Secret: Be An Activator

People talk all the time about personal networks and networking.

Yet so few are really good at it.

I think the reason is that most approach networking the wrong way.

They approach their network as “if you build it, they will come.”

Instead, it should be “if you focus on them, value will return to you.”

There’s a particular approach to networking that I have always followed.

It’s called being an Activator.

A November 2023 Harvard Business Review study agreed with me: finding that “Activators” were the most prolific business generators.

So what’s an Activator?

Activators have 3 key mindsets:

To Commit, Connect and Create

To Commit to activating the network.

To Connect those that may be of value to each other.

To Create an expanded relationship by facilitating, assessing and following up

Activators also take 3 key action steps:

Build it, Build it wide and deep, and Harvest it.

First, they build an expansive personal network.

Activators constantly grow their person to person connections.

Second, their personal networks are wide and deep.

They get to know not just the big dogs but also those in the trenches.

From the personal assistants to the event organizers.

They can open the doors for you.

Get you heard.

Serve as an internal champion.

Third, they “harvest” the network.

They reach out to discover updates and nuances affecting the industry, the company and the people involved.

Even better, they look for opportunities to introduce their network to others’ network members who they think can provide value.

That to me is the real key.

Leveraging the value of your network, between network members, to help them.

I have been an Activator most of my life.

I love it and I get so much personal satisfaction and business benefit from it.

My challenge to you this week is to review your network with the mindset of an Activator.

Commit, Connect and Create.

Build your network wide and deep, and harvest it.

It’s helping people help each other.

At some point, all that help will come back to you.

I guarantee it.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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