Episode 8 Beat the Payment Death Zone With a Solid Base Camp

Beat the Payment Death Zone with a Solid Base Camp

In high-altitude mountaineering, you enter what they call the “death zone”.

An altitude so high you get oxygen deprivation.

Your body starts to shut down, and you can make bad decisions.

That can lead to accidents and even death.

So what do you do if you see a storm coming or signs of high-altitude sickness?

You head to Base Camp.

Basecamp is safety.

Basecamp is strength.

Basecamp has the supplies, guides and experts … it has the food, oxygen and equipment you need.

A strong basecamp is how you beat the death zone and get to the top of the mountain.

This is a perfect analogy for a lot of life AND business.

I coach medical providers how to thrive in personal injury and business.

In PI, attorneys create a storm … sometimes really bad ones.

The farther up the payment mountain you want to go, the nastier the storm can feel.

Fear grabs and controls you – will I lose my bill, my relationships, even my business.

It’s hard to breath.

Business vital functions are stressed and you can make bad decisions.

You are in the “payment death zone.”

My coaching is a Base Camp.

Where you find the guidance, expertise, equipment and tools you need.

Then you go back and attack the mountain, armed properly, and supported.

This time you beat the mountain.

You beat the payment death zone.

You can apply this concept of Beating Death Zones for any aspect of your life.

Your Base Camp in life is your family and your friends.

Your Base Camp in business is your staff, your team, your associations and your coaches.

You get stronger and more capable.

You make better decisions, and you get better results.

You can not only attack the mountain but reach the top, in both life and in business.

To beat the Death Zones, you just need the right Base Camp.

Find YOUR Base Camp.

Conquer the Mountain.

And Death Zones will turn into Smooth Corridors for an easier climb in business and in life.

And you WILL reach the top.

Talk to you at the next 2MMM.

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