Go after Probability, and Don’t Get Sucked into Possibility

In a world filled with endless possibilities, it’s easy to be lured by “what could be.”

I was reading an article on these survivor bunkers around California and the U.S.

People are spending $40,000 at the low end and over $9 million at the luxury high end for the ultimate in underground protection.

Why? Apparently for protection against the possibility of natural disasters, nuclear fallout and societal collapse.

Now, if you are in tornado alley in the Central US where torandoes are a probability, I get it.

But nuclear fallout and societal collapse and zombies?  Come on!

That’s possible (I guess). But to be honest, it’s letting fear override rational thought.

Look, everyone is free to do as they want, within the law.

That’s the advantage of being an American and living in America.

However, so many go after possibility rather than what’s probable.

They waste an incredible amount of time, money and emotional resources on unlikely dreams and fears.

Today, I encourage you to shift the focus from mere possibility to the grounded realm of probability.

Probability arms us with the power of assessment.

Probability is based on data and reality, and helps us evaluate the likelihood of an outcome, ensuring

that our decisions are informed,

that our resources are well allocated,

and that our energies are directed where they have the greatest potential for impact.

While possibility is grounded on mere hope or fear.

Probability does not just prepare us for success; it prepares us for the likelihood of reality.

So as you move forward this week, choose to invest your time, money and energy in the probable.

Focus on the feasible and make decisions that are not only inspired, but pragmatic.

This way you act on not only what is dreamed or feared, but also has a far higher likelihood of being achievable.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM!

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