Grow Relationships and Trash the Usual Marketing

Many believe the more people you tell you exist, the more business you get.


ROI comes from ROR, or a Return on Relationships

You need to build relationships to grow.

Here is a quick 3-step plan I have my Business Advantage Members use to get it done:

First, establish credibility.   

Credibility comes from being a value driver to them (not them to you). 

First and second impressions matter, and stick. 

Education-based marketing is key here.

Educate them on your differentiators, and how that can benefit them or what they do.

Do this right and you are 1/3rd of the way there..

Once they realize you can add value to them, build Trust.

Trust is only built one-to-one.

Trust builds loyalty and can often build raving fans.

You build trust being someone of your word, every time.

You build trust actually providing the value drivers that established your credibility.

And it needs to be things that benefit them, not you.

You might refer to them, connect them with your network, or get them articles on the hobby they love.

Trust is a fertilizer that allows relationships to grow and deepen.

The third is maintain connection.

This is where may relationship builders fail.

They establish crediblity and trust, even an initial connection, but allow that connection to die off.

They wait for reciprocity or equal communication. STOP IT!

YOU are in charge to maintain that connection.

This is how you keep top of mind and top of heart with them.

That’s the only way you can build a real, deeper, long-term relationship.

In coaching medical offices in personal injury, we have some great built-in connection drivers.

Find yours. 

So my challenge to you this week is: trash your usual marketing.

Focus on growing your relationships.

Gain the business advantage of a Return on Relationships using this 3 step plan.

My Business Advantage Members do. You can too.

And I’ll see YOU at the Next 2MMM

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