Make GSD Your Every Day Mantra

I have been part of partnerships, companies, charities, and organizations.

Lots of planning. Lots of discussion. Lots of sharing. Lots of talk and often not a lot of meaningful action.

No different with many of the individuals I deal with.

They want something or to get away from something.

They talk about it, complain about it, often can’t talk about anything else, but nothing changes.

Do you know a few people, companies or organizations like that?

No matter who you are, or the business endeavor you are in, to move the needle and make an impact, you have to GSD.

GSD is Get Shit Done.

And I encourage you to make GSD your every day mantra,

and the same for the businesses and organizations you are part of.

Talk is cheap. Success is grounded in action.

Yes, not all action works out as you want.

So what!  You GSD’d it!  You went for it!

Don’t tell me you are going to do something. Just fricken do it!

Yes, make a plan.  Yes, be strategic.  Yes, get things aligned.

But don’t wait for perfect.  Perfect is an excuse.

Perfect is for Procrastinators.  I should know I’m one!

For those that GSD, here’s what you get:

What you wanted to gain, you got or are a hell of a lot closer to.

What you wanted to eliminate – that pain point – it’s gone or you lessened the impact.

Because you GSD’ed!

Keep living the GSD every day mantra.

If you are a talker? Great. Talk, then GSD it.

Otherwise, it’s all talk and no go.

Are you tired of those who just talk and talk and talk.

Their needle doesn’t move.  Only the complaints get louder.

Is that how YOU want to be?


You are better than that. You deserve more. So do the people around you.

So what’s your choice for this week, and for today: Talk or GSD?

I say GSD all day and all week long!

Make GSD your every day mantra.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM!

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