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Our new portal is about YOU – and medical providers like you around the country. It’s about disrupting the way you do business, not just in PI but throughout your practice.

It’s about giving you the resources you need to become more successful – personally, professionally, and financially.

Why the Name Change? 

We wanted to create a new site around disruption with a fresh focus and new energy. The Keys and Pillars of Success we’re presenting, along with the other information we’re sharing on PIMadeEasy, felt too BIG for our original concept with the MLRPortal.

While the MLRPortal focused on the work to improve the PI segment of your business, PIMadeEasy is about both personal and professional growth. We want to help you reach your dreams!

Here are a few things you’ll find in our new portal:

  • New Tools –You’ll see new tools like our PI case and law firm audit trackers, and online forums like our new PI Power Hour (formerly Wine with Mike).
  • More Courses (coming soon) – We’re adding more courses tocover everything from the law of liens to the medical, business, and economics aspects of running a medical practice to attorney, patient, and provider fouls.
  • New Master Class (coming soon) – We’re launching a new Master Class to show you how to adopt the tips, tools, tactics and strategies that will disrupt the PI segment of your practice, making it easier – and more profitable – to do business in PI.

What’s with All the Disruption? 

Defending your lien rights against PI attorneys isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you don’t know how to fight back.

Disrupting your practice resets the rules of the PI game in your favor, but half-measures or simply “tweaking” what you’re doing now won’t work. You need a systematic, comprehensive approach and the most effective tools for managing every phase of the PI lien lifecycle.

Most providers have neither. But we’ll teach you.

What do Members Need to Do Now? 

Thank you for being a member! All you’ll need to do is transfer your membership to PIMadeEasy. Re-registration is fast and simple.

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Not a Member of Our Community Yet? 

You need to become one. As a PIMadeEasy member you’ll learn:

  1. The processes that will help you run a more efficient practice
  2. How to optimize patient care by managing patient and attorney expectations
  3. Strategies for keeping more of the money you’ve worked hard to earn
  4. How to use PI lien law to better protect your practice
  5. The tactics that will improve settlements and defend your bills
  6. Smart ways to grow your business

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We’re Challenging You!

PI is not easy, but if you do the work, it will become easier. Follow our advice, do it right, and the new ways will eventually become second nature.

Disrupt the way you do business in PI and you’ll make more money, be better able to defend your legal rights, and grow your practice. Join us to learn how and take the first step to reaching your dreams.

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