Stay Ready so You Don’t Have to Get Ready

This week’s Two Minute Mindset is all about preparation so you can have the business advantage.

Stay Ready so You Don’t Have to Get Ready

Joe Flacco is an amazing story in this year’s NFL.

He was home with his kids, hoping for a call from some NFL team after seeing all the QB injuries occurring.

This is 2023.  And this is a guy drafted 15 years earlier, in 2008

11 years ago he lead the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory over the 49ers and was named MVP.

Why in the world would anyone want an old man by NFL standards?

That call came.  From the Cleveland Browns after their starting QB went down and the backups were failing.

What has happened since is magic.

Last year the Browns had 7 wins and 10 losses.

With the old man, the Browns finished with an 11 win and 6 loss season.

They also clinched their first winning season and playoff birth since 2020.

How does this happen?

It’s because Joe Flacco stayed ready so he didn’t have to get ready when the call came.

He’s a gym rat.

He also would throw with his brother one hour a day.

He remained mentally “in the game” even though off the field.

We all can learn from Joe Flacco.

Opportunity comes some say when we least expect it.

It also comes when we are prepared for success.

When we do the things that set us up to succeed is when the call comes.

That should be each of us.

For you the medical providers in personal injury I coach,

Staying ready means you have put in place the value driving processes.

Staying ready means when it comes time to be paid you apply negotiation advantages.

Staying ready means growing that success when the opportunity lands on your doorstep.

So let’s all be Joe Flacco this week.

Stay Ready so you don’t have to Get Ready for your business wins

And maybe make the call to yourself,

To get up from the couch and lead the team to your business playoffs.

You may just win the business Super Bowl and be named MVP!

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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