Systematize Everything for Scalability, Durability, and Transferability

A medical business is like the weather.

There are 4 different seasons.

The Launch Season, getting things off the ground 

            Like Winter, a little colder and a bit uncomfortable.

The Build Season, making things more efficient and more effective

            Like Spring, the weather is nice, and often it’s more fun.

The Scale Season, where you grow in size

            Like Summer, things heat up, bringing more challenges

Finally you hit the Exit Season,  where you reap the benefits of what you built

            Like Fall, falling forward to enjoy the fruits of your success and fall into the next stage of life or career.

Of course, that end is different for different people.

Some want more money. Some want to transfer to family for legacy.  Some just want to keep their patients in great hands.

What’s the key to enjoying all 4 Seasons?


If you don’t have proper systems, you are entirely reliant upon special individuals.

And any business that is reliant upon special people isn’t going to be worth much.

Systems allows things to be done the right way, consistently.

Systems allow you to move off of reliance upon any individual.

And a lack of reliance upon individual people is what skyrockets practice value.

Systematize everything to create scalability, durability and transferability.

Do you want to travel to Europe eventually for months not days, and have your business not miss a beat?

Then Systematize.

Do you want a business that the suiter you want will crave because they know they can also succeed?

Then Systematize.

Do you want to enjoy the building of an improved business and limit the challenges?

Then Systematize.

And I mean systematize everything, at every level.
THEN, you find the right people, to put in the right seats, and they will do the right thing, consistently.

That systemization will make YOUR success scalable, durable and transferable.

If you do this right, you will enjoy all 4 Seasons so that you launch, build, scale and exit.

Loving your profession and your life.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM!

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