The 12 Phrases We All Want to Hear- So Say Them First!

I read this article about the 12 phrases that women want to hear from their men.

And I completely agree!

I think this goes further though.

All of our meaningful close, personal relationship should get the gift of hearing these from you.

Okay, some might be more for your spouse or significant other.

But if you really think about them, most should be said to others you are close to as well.

The words we use make a world of difference.
These simple expressions of affection and affirmation play a crucial role in strengthening our emotion connection with those we care so deeply about.

So here you go for the 12 for you to say and how they will receive it when you feel it, mean it, and are sincere about it when you say it

Here you go!

1. “You’re Incredibly Strong and Capable.” (boosts confidence)

2. “I Love Spending Time With You.” (show you prioritize their presence)

3. “I’m Here for You, No Matter What.” (the comfort of unwavering support)

4. “You Make a Positive Impact on My Life.” (boosts self-esteem and shows you know it)

5. “I’m Proud of You.” (recognizing achievements shows respect)

6. “You’re Beautiful, Inside and Out.” (acknowledging that inner beauty is just as important if not more)

7. “I Respect Your Opinions and Value Your Input.” (demonstrates respect)

8. “I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong.” (acknowledging mistakes shows you are emotionally intelligent)

9. “Let’s Work Through This Together.” (a willingness to attack problems as a team)

10. “I Love You Just the Way You Are.” (a declaration of unconditional love)

11. “You’re the Most Important Person in My Life.”  (hits the emotional connection mark)

12. “You Inspire Me.” (recognizing the ability to motivate us)

What a great 12 phrases to say to your precious loved ones.

My challenge this week for you?

Use as many as you can, as often as you can, to those closest to you.

And you just might receive something special in return.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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