Use Afformations to Blow Past the Plateaus We Get Stuck On

Have you ever plateaued on something you wanted?

That point where you had some success but now are stuck?

I have a new tool for you.  It involves mindset.  Mindset matters as I constantly talk about.

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Noah St. John cameup with a new concept called “Afformations”.

Dr. St. John recently interviewed me for a summit he was putting on.

The gurus out there will say If you want to get rich, merely say: “I am rich!” — a statement of affirmation.

But when you say that your brain goes: “no I’m not” That’s b.s. Our brain just doesn’t believe it.

Instead, Dr. Noah has proposed a simple yet powerful twist that anyone can use to reprogram their mindset.

Afformations are asking yourself empowering questions that engage the imbedded presupposition part of your brain.

Your brain already searches for positive answers to any question you ask yourself.

Your brain likes you being right, and will find support for whatever you choose.

Try this: “why is the sky blue?” Your brain is already searching to support your belief the sky is blue even if it is gray.

The key about afformational questions is putting them in a positive empowering way.

If you asked yourself negative questions, what does your brain do? It gives you negative answers that get negative results.

So instead of the affirmative statement “I am rich!” (yeah, right), word it as a positive, empowering question such as:

“Why am I making so much more money?”

Dr. St John talks about a 4-step process to use Afformations to get off those plateaus and past procrastination:

First, state your desired outcome – that’s your affirmation.

            I’m using money but it could be business success, relationships, your health, whatever!

            Whatever is YOUR EMPOWERING AFFIRMATION, write it down.

Say it outloud every morning, throughout the day, and every night

To be empowering your WHY must be of the utmost importance to you.

Having an empowering WHY is how we stay committed to the journey and overcome fear and doubt.

Second, BELIEVE it is already happening:

Visualize it, and immerse yourself in how it smells, tastes and feels as if right now you are making a lot more money.

Third, accept the TRUTH of the new question (like the sky is blue)

You brain will use the fact you already make some money to support that you can get a lot more of it.

Fourth and the most important step, is you must take INSPIRED ACTION.

            Nothing, including this technique of Afformations, by itself can change your life.

            You must take practical steps—inspired action–towards your afformation goal.

            When you leverage the power of a positive mind, with positive inspired actions, you create transformative outcomes.

            You get off the plateaus and into new, higher, previously only dreamed about territory that’s now your reality.

So here’s my challenge to you this week:

            Start asking the right Afformation Questions. Take action. And transform your life.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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