Episode 10 Honor Freedom with an Extraordinary Life

July 4th, when we celebrate our Independence Day.

Also the day I celebrate my birthday!

Yes, I’m a 4th of July baby.

This holiday celebrates our birth as a country. 

When we declared ourselves FREE!

Free from tyranny.

Free from oppression.

Free to believe what we want.

Free to rule ourselves in a democracy of the people, by the people, for the people.

Free to BE whatever and whoever we want.

The world flocks to America for a chance at that Freedom and Opportunity we enjoy ever day,

and too often take for granted.

I was thinking how I can honor and give tribute to the Founding Fathers

and all those who sacrificed ever since to preserve and protect that freedom we enjoy.

I think part of it is service to others.  Paying it forward.  

Give back and serve.

I think another way is living an EXTRAORDINARY life.

Because the freedom we are celebrating is pretty fricken extraordinary. 

Think of the people in the world who live in a country,

DREAMINNG of just a chance that they can walk, say and be whatever they want without fear.

That SCREAMS of extraordinary.

And that’s America.

The land of the free.

The home of the brave.

And the place of opportunity and where dreams can come true.

Can we be honest with each other?

Average SUCKS!

Who strives for average?

Whose mouth waters at an average meal?

Who can’t wait to get up for an average work life?

Who gets excited about an average relationship?

What we ALL should want is extraordinary.

For our mouth to salivate looking, smelling and eating an extraordinary meal!

For every work day to have meaning because of an extraordinary business, job or career!

For our relationships to be deep and connected so that life with them, and them with us, is extraordinary!

Isn’t that what we all want?
And isn’t that what America represents?

I saw America is the land of Extraordinary!

So just as our founding fathers gave us an extraordinary country.

I can’t think of any better way to honor an extraordinary day,

For an extraordinary country,

Than with an extraordinary life.

We just have to create it.

And we live in a country that allows us that chance. Wow!

Happy birthday to me, and to all of us!  Happy Birthday America!

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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