Episode 11 “Are You Okay?” Countering with Class

Today’s 2MMM: “Are You Okay?” – Countering with Class

That simple response: “Are you Okay?”, can counter rudeness and aggressiveness in business and in life

Sometimes you find people just down right rude, unkind, or overly aggressive.

It can be at a dinner table with friends, where playfulness and sarcastic comments can go too far.

In my space in personal injury, we find rudeness and aggressiveness with PI attorneys and staff all the time.

Rude. Aggressive. Sometimes ruthless.

So think of using “Are you Okay” as your knee jerk response to anyone saying anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

What does asking that do?

It turns their attention away from you, to them.

And you just gave someone the opportunity to reflect and apologize or adjust.

Now I didn’t come up with this simple solution.

This comes from a Harvard-trained etiquette expert, who posed this as a solution. It works.

The etiquette expert is Sara Jane Ho, the star of “Mind Your Manners” on Netflix.

She says if you find yourself on the receiving end of aggression, this is a simple way to disarm the person.

Simply ask back: “ARE YOU OKAY?”

How powerful are those three words!

Instead of ignoring or allowing someone to get control over you, YOU take control.

And its our responsibility to remain in control of ourselves.

“Are you okay” signals them you didn’t appreciate the comment even if you didn’t take it personally.

But it made you feel uncomfortable.

Tone of course matters. Say it sincerely, and mean it.

And realize most people aren’t aware of how they are coming across.

So those simple yet powerful 3 words can quickly disarm, alerting them in a politely and caring way that perhaps they misstepped.

Here’s what’s REALLY great about this.

Ready? … you are not being offensive back.

You just countered with class.

I need to do this more, and I intend to.

Both in my business and in my own life.

Maybe it can help you too.

See YOU at the next 2MMM!

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