Episode 13 Coaching and Mentoring Can Turn Good Moves into Great Ones

When you find a good move to make, make an even better one!

How?  By being coached and mentored.

I was watching a TV segment this year that featured this out of work telecom worker hired by a friend to work as an elementary school custodian.

Introducing custodian David Bishop of Hampton, Main USA

In his spare time, he worked with the kids in the chess club … just by chance.

He just wanted to help and asked the school if he could.

They said yes.

Kids are always so open to learning without the ball and chains we adults carry.

The kids just soaked it up. Being coached by, yes, the school custodian.

He found Belonging. Purpose. Joy.

The kids found a Coach. Mentor. And Life Teacher.

And he’s still a custodian. At the end of the school day, he just puts down his mop and turns to chess.

Teaching kids how to “clean up the competition” (okay a bad custodian Dad joke but they told it on TV too!)

And yes his last name really is Bishop. Like the chess piece.

The school chess club, coached by him, finished Top 15 in nationals.

They plan to win nationals next.

But what got me wasn’t that fact.

It was when one of the boys was interviewed, and he was asked,

“so what is the MOST important lesson Coach Bishop ever taught you?”

This young-teen said, “When you find a good move, make a better one. I think this can translate even into life.”

Did that early teen just say that? Wow. I was blown away.

Here is my unique take.

The Bishop in chess is a one of the specialty chess pieces.

Bishops in chess move diagonally and avoid obstacles right in front of them as a result.

Don’t we all want to avoid obstructions? Remove roadblocks?

Well, that’s exactly what these kids did.

Mr. Bishop, the custodian, coached these kids to move diagonally as far as they want in life,

REMOVING obstructions in front of them.

To win not just in chess, but in life.

I’ve been blessed to have so many coaches.

My time in water polo, as an attorney, as a businessman, as a speaker.

I’ve had coaches and mentors all along the way.

My hope for you is that you find YOUR Coaches & Mentors… YOUR Mr. Bishops.

Because Coaching & Mentoring can turn good moves into great ones

In life, and in business.

And see you at the next 2MMM

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