Episode 27: Don’t Make These 6 Bad Decisions

I read an article that compiled from experts on what are the 6 decisions that you can make in your life, that are the WORST!

And I agree. Here are the six:

First, you do things based upon what others think you should do or be.

           Trust you. Don’t act to satisfy others.  

            Stop trying to please everyone else but yourself! Be the real, authentic you!

Second, you stopped learning.

            We are all busy, but when we lose the habit of learning new things, we become dull, flat, and fall behind

            Stop the ignorance or being a know it all! Don’t just sit there, read something!  Enroll in something!  Learn something! And keep going!

Third, you make decisions out of fear or anxiety.

            Fear and anxiety distorts our thinking.  We don’t decide what’s best.  We decide what will cave into the fear or just stop the anxiety

            Stop being afraid!  Or at least stop acting on that fear!  Be courageous, which is doing things in spite of the fear and anxiety.

Fourth, you don’t communicate authentically and openly.

            Listen first. And listen with empathy, trying to understand the other person’s “why”.

            Then also share what excites you, or pisses you off, to those you care about. That’s being real. That’s revealing who you are.

            Stop hiding your truth! And stop blocking out the truth of others?

Fifth, you betray yourself or others.

           Cheating, betraying, sabotaging … your spouse, your partner, your family, your friend … are the worst decisions you can make.

            You destroy two lives … yours and the person you have betrayed.

            Stop betraying!  Have the back of those you care about, and they will have yours and be there with you for life.

Sixth, you don’t make a decision at all.

            Standing still is one of the worst things you can do. Stading still, literally, gets you nowhere.

            Sometimes you need to end relationships, or start new ones.

            Sometimes you need the help of others, coaches and mentors, to get you off your stalemate and moving forward.

            Stop having decisional paralysis!  Make a decision and act! Get moving!

Now let’s reverse these six for your action steps this week:

  1. I will do things that matter to me regardless of what others think.
  2. I will learn new things and continue to learn.
  3. I will make good decisions that aren’t giving in to my fears or my anxiety.
  4. I will listen, seek to understand the truth of others, while also sharing my truth.
  5. I will be reliable and not betray those I care about.
  6. I will make decisions, say “yes” to opportunity, and move forward.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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