Episode 4 Strive to be Exceptional

Today’s two minute Monday morning mindset
Strive to be exceptional.
The American Medical Association came up with eight attributes for an exceptional physician.
Well I think you can take these same eight attributes and create an exceptional business.

you are generous, humble, adaptable, and resolute.
In other words, sure you care and are committed as a healer and as a business.

you strive to go above and beyond expectations.
In other words, don’t be like everybody else. Go further.

you are a good teammate and I’m going to say great.
In other words, you elevate. You don’t dictate to your patients, to your team. Everyone, create the space and support for the medical magic.

you’re calm in the face of adversity. Everyone wants confidence, even in rough waters.
So what they want to see is a steady hand and a steady head.

you are creative and a problem solver.
In other words, you are results based. You’re there for your patients and for your business to get things done.

you are a skilled interpersonal communicator.
In other words, you are open minded, inquisitive, and you listen more than you talk.
When you do talk to people, you talk to them, not at them.

you aim to fix problems rather than work around them.
In other words, you’re not applying bandages that just cover up problems.
You’re literally treating patient and business wounds to heal them the right way and for the long term.

And eight,
you find others to guide you in your development.
In other words, you actively seek out those who can make you better.
A key component in all exceptional persons and businesses are coaches, advisors and mentors.

So by following these eight attributes, you can become not just an exceptional physician, but also an exceptional business.
And see you the next Two Minute Monday morning Mindset.

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