Episode 9 Progress Will Lead You to the Boiling Point of Transformation

In my coaching of medical practices in the personal injury space, I have a standard catch phrase:

“Progress is Perfection.”

So why that?

Because perfection really is NOT achievable, in ANYTHING.

Now, when you progress, you move forward.

You get better and you keep getting better.

And there is a point, as you progress, where ONE THING you haven’t done before, can lead you to an entirely new level.

THAT’s where transformation happens.

But are you willing to take the risk and try that ONE THING?

So I have a different way for you to think about progress AND opportunity.

A way for you to find your path, stay on it, and to not miss out on transformational opportunities in your business and in your life.

Think of “progress” like BOILING water.

You focus on getting better, 1 degree at a time.

Now 1 degree may not sound like a lot.

At 211 degrees water is hot.

But at 212 degrees, just ONE MORE DEGREE, water is boiling and transforms into steam.

That’s pretty amazing if you think about it.

How in the world could one degree make that much of a difference?

It does make sense when you realize that boiling water takes time and energy.

There is no “auto boil” setting.

You have to heat things up.

Eventually, water gets an opportunity to hit the boiling point … it just needs to find that ONE DEGREE.

That one degree that makes all the difference.

If water finds it and hit it, that water transforms to steam.

But if the heat stays the same, or is turned down, it misses the opportunity.

That’s like us, with progress and opportunity.

Because only when you transform, does business and life become REALLY fun, and SO much easier.

Are you going to turn the heat up, or are you going to miss your transformational boiling point?

So remember:

Progress is the only state of perfection we need.

Think of progress like boiling water.

Getting better one degree at a time.

Turn up the heat when you come across that ONE THING FOR THAT ONE DEGREE that can get you to the boiling point … grab it.

Only then can you transform.

In business and in life.

And when you do transform, I have a challenge for you:

Help others find and reach their boiling point.

So we transform the world together.

And see YOU at the next 2MMM

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