Get Bigger by Going Smaller

The normal business cycle is like this:

You start, you then experience either a gradual or upward hockey stick growth cycle,

And at some point you hit the dreaded plateau, where many businesses then die.

Growth stops and the business eventually declines.

They don’t know how to get off the plateau and grow

One solution is to get bigger by going smaller.

A great example is a game show: Jeopardy.

Most thought when long-time host Alex Trabek left, Jeopardy would die.

Instead, there was this massive explosion in viewership by a simple concept a new producer tried:

Segmenting their market and gamifying it.

First, Jeopardy created a second chance tournament, for those who just lost out.

Then they had a Tournament of Champions

Then they had a National College Tournament

Then for a tournament for the Military

Celebrity Jeopardy

Then Jeopardy Masters with 6 of their all-time winners.

Who would think that Jeopardy, that’s been on for 60 years, could not just continue but get BIGGER!

So by going smaller, re-inventing how they approached the norm, and gamifying things

The Jeopardy world is now larger than ever before!

So if you feel your business is in a rut, plateaud, or on the decline, consider going bigger by going smaller

Segment your market, add gamification, and watch what happens.

You just might get off the plateau, grow, and profit like never before.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM

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