MedPay, The Auto Insurance Benefit that Shouldn’t Be a Secret

There is a secret that costs little yet can save your bank account and maybe some lives.

It’s called MedPay.

Think of your Auto Club Card for how valuable it is when you need a tow, a tire change, or a tank of gas.

Well Med Pay is just as valuable in terms of freeing you up from the high cost of medical care.

Let me step back for a minute.

My industry is personal injury.

Helping medical providers get paid from personal injury attorneys.

And there is an aspect of personal injury that EVERY consumer – you and I – need to know.

That’s the MedPay I mentioned earlier.

MedPay is commonly knowns as “medical expense coverage”.

It’s part of your automobile coverage.

You get in an auto accident, MedPay will cover your doctor bills up to your Med Pay limit.

Some of you are in MedPay states like I am in CA.

Even if you are in a PIP state, usually you can get MedPay coverage also. And you should

I personally have $100,000 in MedPay coverage.

That means if I’m in a car accident, I have up to $100,000 of coverage for my hospital and medical expenses.

Not just me … it covers family or friends in my car as well.

And you know what it cost me to go from $1,000 a year in MedPay to $100,000?

Only about $50 for the entire year.  That’s it.

$50 bucks more for $99,000 more as a medical expense safety net.

That’s fricken phenomenal.

Yet few know what MedPay is all about.

Even fewer realize how inexpensive it is.

Why don’t you know?

Because it’s a secret your auto insurer and auto agent don’t want to tell you.

That’s because it costs YOU so little and can cost the insurer a lot.

Don’t believe me?

My challenge to you this week is this:

Call YOUR insurance agent.
Ask what it would cost to increase your MedPay to the max.

Listen, and your jaw will drop on how cheap it is to get so much medical bill coverage.

Act. Up it.

And don’t stop there.

Tell your family, friends, and all those you know.

Get this secret out!  It’s an advantage we all need.

And I’ll see YOU at the next 2MMM!

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